Thursday, August 27, 2015

All is Fair

This week another tree was thread painted, again using the method from Nancy Prince's book, Thread Painting with Style, with two layers of tulle sandwiched between two layers of water-soluble stabilizer. (I almost typed 'fertilizer.' What the...?!)

It's a fair effort, not great, but hopefully each time they'll turn out a little better. Still don't know if I'll use this tree, along with the first two, for The Overlook quilt. If not, they'll likely turn up in a future quilt.

Not to mix fall with spring, but earlier this week there was some good news from the Kentucky State Fair. I had recently retrieved a finished quilt from the closet, figured out how to bury the remaining knots on the back, and taken a shot at entering it in the 2015 competition, since this state fair has used professional quilt judges in recent years and they give feedback. Thanks to Bobbie Gross for taking the photo and sending it to me.

Still Waters, 2013
For details and challenges of making this quilt, see blog entries dated June 27, 2013 through September 21, 2013. The Sept. 21 blog (linked) shows several 'before' and 'after' closeups.

That's it for this week. (Actually another sweater went into the Lucy drawer, but my good camera is out on loan, so I'll share a photo of the sweater another time.)

Linking up with Whoop Whoop Fridays. Sarah has a winner for the giveaway, and has made some very pretty coasters.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Hi there, your work is so good. I am glad it was recognized with a ribbon. I like your attitude of the tree, if not here then it'll go somewhere! It's so true! Just make beautiful components and they'll be used. Now where to store them so you don't forget is another thing. LeeAnna

    1. Thank you, LeeAnna...oh, that is so true. Last time I needed some previously made components, I had to search for a while to find them. Now everything is labeled, but I'm compiling an index card file to cross reference so I don't have to look at all the labels! lol

  2. Hooray Linda! Congratulations on the ribbon. I bet those turtles enjoyed their outing.

    Wonderful tree. All that liquid fertiliser has done it a power of good.

    Love, Muv

    1. Thank you, Muv. The tree will be used after all, so I think you're right about that fertilizer!

  3. What a peaceful scene. I am intrigued by your use of green for the water. I have seen lakes like that reflecting the green around them and tinted by algae. So life like. Congrats on the ribbon! Off to see your process.

    1. Thanks, Angie. I had so much fun making that quilt!


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