Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Beautiful Creation

This week my beautiful daughter-in-law labored long and hard to bring into the world the most gorgeous creation I have ever seen. Meet Lucy Maeve...8 lbs. 6 ozs. of long, tall perfection.

Needless to say, the whole family is in love with her.

Leading up to this major event, I was trying to keep my distracted, over-excited mind under some semblance of control, so many hours were spent in the studio. However, not all were productive....

...such as the ones spent sorting out all my little batik strips and scraps. What was I thinking??? (There are only about 500 more to go through in that drawer.)

I did get last week's landscape design sandwiched and ready to go on the machine. There's only one problem... machine. It's at the dealer's for yearly maintenance. Bummer!! There are a couple of other, smaller machines in the room, but for various reasons they're not the best to use for a fairly large landscape quilt.

Also, some folks might recognize this piece (below) that I put together a few months ago and then almost decided to cut apart in the middle to use for two landscapes instead of one (by turning the bottom piece upside down).

One or two readers encouraged me to keep it intact (thank you Muv!). Trouble was, the inspiration for the rest of it just wasn't coming. I did get this far (at right) playing around on the design wall, but then I dismantled it and put the background away.

But this week, needing more distraction while the machine was in the shop, there was some progress. Funny what inspires us to deal with UFOs! (Not ready just yet to display all of the quilt top, but here's a segment):

And that's it for this week, except to say that as of today, the new addition to our family is safe in her own home and getting acquainted with Rue Dog and Wicket and Gomez, cat sisters. Crossing my fingers that they all get along famously!!

Everyone have a great weekend! (Personally, mine could not be any better!!!  :)


Friday, March 13, 2015

Giving Birth

This week gave birth to two new projects...maybe something to do with expecting a grandchild in the next few days? The regenerative energy seems contagious!

One project is a landscape, which began with three fabrics (plus one bush)...

...and is now a complete quilt top ready to be sandwiched and put on the machine.

The other project is another 'ghost quilt' (number 4). Don't know if I'll ever get tired of making these.

Again, though, the 'project' I'm most excited about was made by my son and daughter-in-law...our first grandchild, Lucy, due Sunday!!!!!!!! (Every time the phone rings my husband and I go into high alert. :)

Heading over to some favorite blogs, which I hope you'll check out if you haven't already--Confessions of a Fabric Addict's Whoop Whoop Friday, Lizzie Lenard's  Free Motion Mavericks, and A Quilting Reader's Garden's WIPs Be Gone.

Looking forward to 70+ degree weather next week, after 3 weeks of deep snow on the ground and record-low temperatures. If you get bored with your weather, just move to the Ohio's always changing.

Happy March!