Saturday, March 4, 2023

Progress on My Sister's Quilt

Some progress on the quilt for my sister. First, finished the log cabin blocks surrounding the camper panel...

...which did require giving up the narrow green outer border of the panel. It wound up in the seam allowance, and the blocks ended up fitting perfectly. The muse definitely knew what she was doing!

(This is looking gray, but it's deep blue.)

I wanted the quilt to be wider than 4 feet, though, so I looked for a good border fabric. Found this water waves yardage in my stash:

...and made a border that will be 4 inches wide after binding is attached.

Now for the back. This 18 x 22 "Dear Sister" panel appeared in the most recent Annie's Craft Store catalog--how fortuitous was that? The muse at work again!--so I'm planning to incorporate this into the back somehow, after cutting it into blocks.
Until next time,

Sunday, February 26, 2023

A Sister's Thank-You

Recently I fell in love with (and purchased) this 33 x 41 fabric panel by Grace Popp for Studio Fabrics, titled Beneath the Stars.

The scene depicts what my sister Karen and I have done several times since 2019.

Her camper is modern, not retro, and her boats are kayaks, but everything else--stars, moon, fire, chairs, trees and lake--are right on. Except, replace the guitar (I wish one of us could play that!) with a nice bottle of shiraz, merlot or cab.

I don't want to surprise her with a wall quilt that she might feel obligated to hang. Instead, I want to make a quilt she can snuggle up under while watching tv; a quilt that will remind her of her lake retreat and of all the laughs we have when we're there.

My favorite quilt blocks are log cabin blocks, so I decided to at least surround the panel with a row of those, and then see what it needs from there.

And then it hit me...of course log cabin...we grew up vacationing at the same lake, in our Aunt's and Uncle's log cabin!

Me left, Karen right, swinging on a rope. Cabin at rear.
Our brother John with Karen,
between cabins. 1971.

So....apparently the muse had joined this project, and now I was pumped!

I figured 8-inch blocks were going to fit best around the panel, 4 each at the top and bottom, 5 down the sides, plus corner blocks. There might be some adjustments necessary in seam width and maybe a need to add sashing somewhere, to correct any spacing problems. But I've decided to plow ahead and trust the muse.

So, we'll see where this goes. I'm thinking I'll probably have to give up that narrow green outside border to make the blocks fit, but am hoping to save it. Not a big deal, though. Crossing fingers--no, trusting the muse--this will all work out!


Saturday, January 28, 2023

Odds & Ends

Not much landscape quilting going on of late, but a few odds and ends were started and in some cases, finished. First, a normal-size stocking for my sweet granddaughter, Lucy...
...whose old stocking was a giant one made in a Minnie Mouse print flannel. Lucy is nearly eight now, has outgrown Minnie, and wanted a normal-size stocking like her parents' (which I made years ago from my same hand-drawn pattern).

Next I made Lucy's other grandmother (Grammy) a stocking, too. She is a dragonfly person, so out came the dragonfly fabric...

...and the music scale Christmas fabric in honor of her talent as a pianist...

   make this stocking from the same pattern.

Also have been working on a scrappy QAYG project.

But this week I've been photographing all my fabric and categorizing it in a photo program. Now I can view my fabric on-screen, which saves me from having to haul out heavy storage bins and unfold and refold yardage, just to remind myself what a particular piece looks like. Fabric that you can't "read" well when it's folded, like these two pieces, for instance:

But I'll probably end up photo-cataloging everything, regardless! I love an organizational task.

Looking forward to designing a new landscape quilt. Got a couple of things stewing on the back burners in my mind.

Be well, and remember, spring is on the way (or fall, if you're below the equator--my favorite season)!


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

A Visit to the Creek

 A Visit to the Creek features a doe and her fawn making tracks toward their favorite water source. Designing and working on this scene helped keep me cool during some very hot weather this summer--and has me looking forward to winter.

28" wide x 33" high

I'm thinking the black forest fabric was among the Halloween offerings in Annie's Crafts ( catalog last fall. If not, then I probably bought it at The Quilter's Trunk in Liberty, KY ( The snow and water fabrics definitely came from the shop in Liberty. There are just eight different fabrics in this scene.

The largest tree began as a strip of gray hand-dyed (from the same fabric as the snow--a gradient that ran from white to dark gray). Free motion quilting gave it a tree-bark texture, while white fabric and white paint added bits of snow. Shading and the hollow were done with a black paint marker, while highlights were added with a silver Sharpie. Here's the before and after:

And a couple of closeups:

I started the quilt in mid-June, and have worked on it fairly regularly. It should be "sleeved," labeled and listed in my Etsy shop soon.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy autumn!