Wednesday, April 5, 2023

A Finish for My Sister's Quilt

 Finally, a finish for my sister's quilt! Weeks of quilting, but I enjoyed it (my legs, shoulders and neck did not, but they'll get over it!).

Hung it the best I could. Too wide for the design wall! 56 x 64 inches.

I quilted it with a 2-inch diagonal grid in a wavy stitch pattern, to represent lake waves.

The back is a 2-yard length of Liberty cotton lawn (a very fine, almost silky, cotton) wildflower print to represent the wildflowers growing on my sister's place at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.

I had to border it on the sides to make up the width. For that I used a deep-rose polished cotton (shiny side down) from my stash. The binding was made from a Hoffman Watercolor in my batik stash.

Also on the back, two mini-blocks from the "Dear Sister"  panel shown in the last blog post. (Haven't sewn them down yet.)

Looking forward to our first lake trip this year, when I'll surprise Karen with this (planning to take a photo of her holding it). Hoping she'll love it.

Happy spring or fall, depending on what hemisphere you're in!



  1. Your sister is going to love this!! I'm not sure it was intentional but the log cabin blocks remind me of a starry night sky which goes right along with the sky in the panel.

    1. That's a great interpretation! I was thinking campfire in the middle and trees and lake for the "logs." The more I've studied it, the more significance it shows me, and you just gave me another nuance. Thanks, Mary Anne!

  2. It's beautiful! She will be so thrilled!

  3. Absolutely love it! My sister is a quilting genius! She must love me lots to put so much of herself into this. I love her lots,also❤

    1. I love you to the moon!! And not just the one in the quilt!! :)


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