Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bats and Hats

This week, it's a finish for the quilt based on the String-Me-Along block pattern by Dodi Lee Poulsen. Hers has pretty borders and a more fun block arrangement than mine, but I'm fine with this pared-down, slightly-off version. (See previous blog post.) This was partly quilted with a dual feed foot, and partly in free motion. The top was quilted in three separate sections, the backing and batting in one overall piece.

I like to look at the black fabric as negative space and focus on the diamonds.
Okay, stay with me here, this is not really a segue. The mini- baseball bat pictured below, which is a souvenir from The Louisville Slugger Museum here in my hometown, has long been languishing uselessly in my studio on top of other, more useful wooden items...

...until this week. Who knew it would finally find employment as a seam mallet? If you've ever tailored a garment, you know what I'm talking about--a wooden hammer-type tool used for pounding thick seams into submission.

The mini-bat totally did the job--which made it much easier to quilt over the four-point joins. No, I didn't use steam, though you would definitely do so on a tailored garment.

I knew there was a practical reason to keep this bat in the studio! It only took a few years to figure it out (and Negan had nothing to do with it. Yech!!  :).

And speaking of Lucille...some finishes for the Lucy drawer (for my 2-year-old granddaughter--whose name is actually Lucy, not Lucille).

All yarns except in the green and blue hats are Serenity Chunky yarns by Deborah Norville. They're 100 percent acrylic (wash & dry), self-striping, very soft, and fast to knit.

These two hats match previously posted sweaters.

These two hats don't. Just felt like making some hats!

Matching the striping pattern is an iffy
proposition after breaking yarn. This was a little
more off than most of my efforts.

Lucy turns two years old this coming Saturday. Happy birthday, Sweetie! You are our pride and joy.

I didn't make the hat, but I love the photo!
Have a wonderful weekend!