Friday, April 15, 2016

Nordic Night

This week, a finish for the winter landscape shown in progress two blogs posts ago.

Nordic Night, 22" wide by 39" high

This shot shows the quilting a little better:

It's hard to tell, but the border is a deep purple, and the binding is not just gray, but blue-gray.

The moon and the main part of the horse section were cut from what I think is a Timeless Treasures fabric. Several bushes were added from the same fabric and embellished with white paint.

My one regret is that the bare tree (cut and pieced from a Northcott Mills Stonehenge fabric) has no snow in the crotches. I did experiment with that in a couple of ways but wasn't happy with the results. I'll have to work on that process for future winter scenes.


OFF SUBJECT: The Lucy drawer has another additon. VVHH thinks it's ugly, but I think it's cute.

The yarn is from Deborah Norville's Serenity Chunky Sprinkles line, and is quite 'furry.' I got a good chuckle when it finally occurred to me why I felt as if I'd seen something vaguely like it before....

...which is only fitting for Lucy from Grandma. I got you, babe.  <3

Have a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Aster Quilt

This week saw the finish of the aster quilt -- except for a hanging sleeve and a label. As the quilt is 54 inches wide, the sleeve will be attached in two parts, in case the hanging rod has a center bracket.

The brown foreground 'grounded' the whole quilt. Without it, everything appeared to be floating in mid-air.
There's no place in my house to hang the quilt for a straight-on photograph, but this angle at least shows the quilted texture fairly well.

The blue jay was originally meant to stand next to the oak leaf--which is supposed to be lying on the ground (in an 'artistic license' sort of way). After all, the lower orange/brown/gold area represents the middle ground, covered in fallen leaves.

However, the oak leaf, despite its accompanying shadow and all my middle-ground stitching, still appears to be floating down toward the foreground (see caption under photo). Consequently, when the jay was positioned next to the leaf as planned, he appeared to be perched in mid-air! So instead, he has ended up in the only spot that makes any sense, all things considered; however, he looks a little disoriented now that he's no longer focusing on what might be under that leaf. Maybe there's a nut or a seed on the (brown) ground we can't see. I'm tempted to applique one. So maybe this quilt isn't quite finished after all!

The back turned out fairly nice. Not that it's any big deal, but I do like the texture.