Saturday, March 4, 2023

Progress on My Sister's Quilt

Some progress on the quilt for my sister. First, finished the log cabin blocks surrounding the camper panel...

...which did require giving up the narrow green outer border of the panel. It wound up in the seam allowance, and the blocks ended up fitting perfectly. The muse definitely knew what she was doing!

(This is looking gray, but it's deep blue.)

I wanted the quilt to be wider than 4 feet, though, so I looked for a good border fabric. Found this water waves yardage in my stash:

...and made a border that will be 4 inches wide after binding is attached.

Now for the back. This 18 x 22 "Dear Sister" panel appeared in the most recent Annie's Craft Store catalog--how fortuitous was that? The muse at work again!--so I'm planning to incorporate this into the back somehow, after cutting it into blocks.
Until next time,


  1. Your sister is going to LOVE this!! And you've found the absolute perfect panel for using on the back....obviously meant to be.

    1. I totally agree it was meant to be! Thanks, Mary Anne.


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