Friday, March 13, 2015

Giving Birth

This week gave birth to two new projects...maybe something to do with expecting a grandchild in the next few days? The regenerative energy seems contagious!

One project is a landscape, which began with three fabrics (plus one bush)...

...and is now a complete quilt top ready to be sandwiched and put on the machine.

The other project is another 'ghost quilt' (number 4). Don't know if I'll ever get tired of making these.

Again, though, the 'project' I'm most excited about was made by my son and daughter-in-law...our first grandchild, Lucy, due Sunday!!!!!!!! (Every time the phone rings my husband and I go into high alert. :)

Heading over to some favorite blogs, which I hope you'll check out if you haven't already--Confessions of a Fabric Addict's Whoop Whoop Friday, Lizzie Lenard's  Free Motion Mavericks, and A Quilting Reader's Garden's WIPs Be Gone.

Looking forward to 70+ degree weather next week, after 3 weeks of deep snow on the ground and record-low temperatures. If you get bored with your weather, just move to the Ohio's always changing.

Happy March!



  1. Hello Linda,

    I have had a good squint at the latest landscape - can't wait to see more. The bushes look familiar - probably the scariest sewing I've seen you do. And don't get tired of the ghost quilting. Please go on for ever. I'm mesmerised by the infill, never mind the main action.

    Rooting for a St. Patrick's Day baby...

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

    1. Thanks so much, Muv. This landscape went together faster than most, and it was a lot of fun embellishing the trees with fabric markers. Oh, I too would love a St. Patrick's Day arrival, especially for a baby who has a lot of Irish in her genes! Thanks for the linkup, my pleasure.
      Love, Linda

  2. I won't get tired of looking at the ghost quilts, so keep away at 'em! ;D I also truly enjoy seeing each landscape quilt you work on. This is another one that enchants me. And CONGRATS on the grandbaby - wishes being sent for a happy delivery!!!!

  3. Beautiful projects, Linda. Both are gorgeous. Praying for safe delivery for Mom and Baby Lucy!

  4. Do you have a post describing the ghost quilts? sounds intriguing. I have been away from your blog for to long and have missed alot. the snow fabric you are using is awesome!

  5. oh! I found your ghost quilt posts - love it and will have to try it, looks like fun - thank you for sharing. (I just signed up for emailing your blog to me so I don't miss any)

    1. I hope you do try it, it's so fun and doesn't take long. I wish I had more of that snow fabric so I could have added a bit more at the bottom. Thank you for signing up on the blog!

  6. Hi Linda
    Love your ghost quilts. Such beautiful quilting and what an amazing idea. It works so well. Look forward to the next one

    1. Thanks, Hilary. I kept the how-to article by Martha Ginn flagged for over a year before finally trying it. So glad I did!


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