Friday, May 15, 2020

Making a MIni-Scape

Four more mini-scapes have materialized since my last post. (Speaking of material, did anyone besides me grow up calling fabric "material"? Just curious.)

Here's the only mini-scape I remembered to photograph in progress. As you can see, these are just little scraps arranged and glued on a small rectangle of batting (roughly 9" x 12" before trimming).

Click on any photo to zoom.

Here are the other 3 mini-scapes, finished.

(This one is sold.)

I'm getting the itch to try something new. Over the years, I've collected ideas in a notebook. So we'll see. Summer always brings a different energy into the process, too.

Also, next time there'll be some news regarding a previously featured landscape quilt. (Hint: I will be sooooo excited and grateful to see my little turtle hatchlings on a magazine cover!)

Have a good weekend and stay (or get) well.



  1. Yes, fabric was called material when I was growing up. Hadn't noticed the change but obviously it has! Your wee landscapes are great and I especially love the little fawn having his lunch. A magazine cover - definitely exciting!

    1. Thank you, Mary Anne with an "E" middle name is also Anne, by the way! (And I loooove the Netflix series Anne With an E.) Yes, we always bought "material" for our sewing patterns.

  2. And yes, I did grow up calling it material.

    1. Not sure when that changed, as Magpie said above. Must have been a gradual thing.


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