Friday, March 29, 2019

A Quilt for Linus

This week it's a finish for the twin-size scrappy bed quilt (65" x 88") originally meant to go to The Center for Women and Families here in Louisville.

This is actually an extra-long twin bed. Just realized I didn't take a photo of the back, which was pieced from four fabrics.
It turns out that Project Linus needs it more. So next week this will go to Among Friends Quilt Shop, one of four local collection points for donations. I wonder, in the five years between the inception of Project Linus and the death of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, did he ever learn of Linus's part in this wonderful foundation? I hope so.

The blocks were pieced, sashed and quilted in three separate sections (4 rows, 4 rows, and 3 rows). The sections were then joined before attaching the border and binding. Sandwiching in sections takes a bit of extra fabric and batting, so of course it follows that joining the sections takes some careful trimming and pinning. However, this method of quilting is a good option if you have neck and shoulder issues. (I think of those issues as "the quilter's dirty little secret," because I suspect that many of us deal with them but rarely talk about it. Young quilters would be wise to develop habits that make the quilting process as easy on their bodies as possible. We all want to keep doing what we love as long as we can!)

Moving on. Fabrics have been chosen for the next triple-arch window quilt (using the upper half of the autumn forest panel shown in the last blog post).

My favorite dry stone wall fabric, also used in The Visit and The Tower. This will be the main wall.

A different dry stone wall fabric. This will be the inner arches and sills.
The arches will be framed in the same mottled black fabric used in Villa with a View, pictured a few blog posts back. So, not a whole lot of progress, but it's a start.

Happy spring! Or autumn, depending on your hemisphere.



  1. Someone's going to love that scrappy quilt. Bless you. I'm curious about the quilt under the Linus quilt. Fabric choices do take a while. Took me a whole evening to pick fabrics for (4) 3 1/2" units of a block - sigh. Welcome, Spring.

    1. Spring can be challenging, for sure. This year I'm making a deliberate effort to go with the flow...and boy, is it flowing, though not with quilt inspiration, but family events. So maybe that's what I really need right now, instead of 24/7 creative inspiration. Sad to say, that quilt underneath the scrappy quilt is a 100% polyester bedspread (which doesn't fit the bed AT ALL, despite the online description--there are only about 4 inches hanging down the other side) from J.C.Penney. The quilt stitch pattern is really pretty, which is what got my attention online, but that's as good as it gets. This is the first, and most likely the last, polyester bedspread for me. Talk about a cat-hair magnet!!! LOL


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