Friday, August 30, 2013

Rocks in My Head

Making some progress on the lake quilt, although for anyone but me, it may be hard to tell.

Quilting the rocks in the foreground turned into a major undertaking after I decided they needed more delineation. I don't even want to guess how much time was spent just sitting and staring at the quilt, trying to figure out where the rock formation lines (the free-motion, satin-stitched ones) should be. And the longer I stared, the more the formations shifted in my perception, making it almost impossible to settle on definite stitching lines. I wanted to throw my hands up in the air and jump into this darned lake! Even after stitching, some of the lines had to be ripped out and repositioned because they didn't look as natural as I'd imagined they would. The good news is, if you're going to rip stitches, satin stitch, even a free-motion one, is about as easy as it gets.

Here is a closeup of the area I finished this morning. (The poor turtles are still waiting to be quilted. Let's hope they can keep their paint on through all the handling. So far, so good.)

At times during these last two weeks, a break was much needed, so I finished the baby afghan I'd started in Wyoming.

But the baby (my great-niece, Chloe) is not going to get this, after all. Why? Because in my determination to make the afghan soft and cuddly, I kept my tension deliberately loose, and by the time the last row was hooked, my tension had become so loose that the end of the afghan was nearly a foot wider than my beginning chain--even though my beginning chain was made with a hook 2 sizes larger to ensure against that possibility. Now, I'm no novice at crochet, so I know better than to pull a stunt like this! Instead of trusting myself to keep an unnatural tension consistent throughout, I should simply have used a larger hook for the whole afghan and worked with my normal tension. Duh. Apparently I still had rocks in my head!

Wednesday was better because the UPS man brought me these beautiful batiks (isn't he nice?):

And because I found this little treasure at JoAnn Fabrics (speaking of yarn):

Yesterday was good, but not because of quilting. Took the day off and went to the Frazier History Museum here in Louisville with my good buddy Connie. We had a wonderful time, and we learned how to sword fight. NOT. But the demonstration was really cool.
Closing here with a photo I took today of Zoe--a different kind of tortoiseshell than what you see in the lake quilt above (actually, those aren't tortoises, but I needed a segue here). Zoe is our (mostly) Norwegian Forest cat. Napping away, she was oblivious to the fact that the prism in the window had cast this intensely colored light right across her tail. Awake, this would have perturbed her at the very least; asleep, it just made for a cool shot. 

Everyone have a great week. The kids are back in school now (mine are grown and out, so no change here), and I'm guessing a lot of quilters will be going full speed ahead now with projects that may have languished somewhat in the heat and busy-ness of summer vacation. Looking forward to seeing an increasing number of reader hookups at two of my favorite Friday blogs, Leah Day's FMQ Friday and Sarah Craig's Whoop Whoop Fridays. Check out their latest posts and their awesome reader hookups when you have a moment. Enjoy!




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    1. Thank you, Christa! It's good to know there's a great quilting store in Vegas. If I ever get out there, that's where I'll be spending my time while the family is in the casino!

  2. The lakeside quilt is going to be great! It's amazing already. Seriously Harry Potter knitting patterns! I'll have to look for that issue!

    1. Thanks, Suzanne, the encouragement really helps, especially when things get rocky, lol. Yes, I had a BLAST looking through the H.P. knits for a good hour this morning, and I'm not even halfway through the magazine yet. It's also got some great articles. I hope you find a copy near you.


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