Saturday, January 28, 2023

Odds & Ends

Not much landscape quilting going on of late, but a few odds and ends were started and in some cases, finished. First, a normal-size stocking for my sweet granddaughter, Lucy...
...whose old stocking was a giant one made in a Minnie Mouse print flannel. Lucy is nearly eight now, has outgrown Minnie, and wanted a normal-size stocking like her parents' (which I made years ago from my same hand-drawn pattern).

Next I made Lucy's other grandmother (Grammy) a stocking, too. She is a dragonfly person, so out came the dragonfly fabric...

...and the music scale Christmas fabric in honor of her talent as a pianist...

   make this stocking from the same pattern.

Also have been working on a scrappy QAYG project.

But this week I've been photographing all my fabric and categorizing it in a photo program. Now I can view my fabric on-screen, which saves me from having to haul out heavy storage bins and unfold and refold yardage, just to remind myself what a particular piece looks like. Fabric that you can't "read" well when it's folded, like these two pieces, for instance:

But I'll probably end up photo-cataloging everything, regardless! I love an organizational task.

Looking forward to designing a new landscape quilt. Got a couple of things stewing on the back burners in my mind.

Be well, and remember, spring is on the way (or fall, if you're below the equator--my favorite season)!



  1. Oh my goodness - I have to admire your cataloging your fabrics in photos. I know myself well enough to realize that I could do that too but then the problem of keeping up with it would arise. I know I'd fall off the wagon on that one in short order. Guess I'll stick with my 'dump it all out, paw through it' process.
    Love the stockings! I think our entire family is now outfited with them so I shouldn't have to make any more.

    1. I know, I'll have to be vigilant about deleting photos as I use fabric, and that's an easy thing to forget. I actually love going through the actual fabric, as I'm a very tactile person and it's more inspiring that way, but this will definitely save time and back trouble. I'm always trying to figure out ways to get around these annoying limitations age tries to put on us. Thanks for stopping by, Mary Anne!


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