Friday, December 9, 2016

Diamonds in Autumn

As promised in the last blog post, we have a finish for the blue-and-gold quilt, the final arrangement of which is basically a diamond pattern. This will be going to The Center for Women and Families in time for Christmas, along with the other four quilts shown in previous posts.

VVHH is standing behind the quilt. He's become pretty good at playing The Invisible Man. His tennis shoes don't even show anymore.
This is a log cabin quilt made with the nine fat quarters of FreeSpirit Fabrics Wander collection, by Joel Dewberry, that arrived in the April 2016 Quilty Box. I added several Hoffman Watercolor batiks and a gold print border to make this a smallish, twin-size quilt.

A dual-feed foot and a built-in machine stitch were used to quilt the interior on the diagonal, first in dark-blue thread, and then between those lines in a bright-gold thread.

The border was marked with a homemade diamond-shaped template, and a freehand design in the corners.

The backing is a soft, high-thread-count, gray-and-white ombre sheet bought at a consignment shop.

Even before the binding was sewn on, my conscience was already nagging me because it had been a couple of months since a landscape quilt was on the design board. And although autumn is nearly gone, I still want to do a woodland scene depicting that time of year.

So, first the background fabric and some trees (the foreground will be covered)...

...then some middle ground...

and then some foliage...

...and that's about as far as it's gone for now. Holiday season tasks are quickly overtaking other priorities. I'm sure everyone can relate to that!

Linking up here with Whoop Whoop Fridays. Sarah has finished some quilts for her grandchildren for Christmas, and her labels just bowled me over (and brought tears to my eyes). Check out her blog post, along with her inspiring reader linkups.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Oh gosh, the new landscape is going to be awesome!

    1. Vicki, thanks, we'll see. This one hasn't come as easily as most of them do. Crossing my fingers. :)

  2. Looking gorgeous - the quilt and the landscape.

    1. Thank you, Angie! Heading over to your blog now. I am so far behind on the blogs I love to read, it isn't funny. Have a wonderful holiday season!!

  3. I read the caption on the first photo to my husband and we both laughed :) I assume VVHH means Very Very Helpful Husband?

    1. Louise, you are very close. LOL I call him Very Versatile Handy Husband...and yes, he is definitely helpful!! If I make quilts any longer than this, though, he'll have to stand on a stool. :)

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