Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Scraps and Scrapping

Where did the month of June go? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine.

Here's what's been going on upstairs for the last few weeks. (Downstairs, I mostly party with my 15-month-old granddaughter).  :)

1. Piecing four quilts (and quilting and binding two of them) for the Center for Women and Families. These are smaller than previous ones, just 52" square. Took some photos of the first one and completely forgot to take any of the second one.

All of them are still featuring many of the fabrics given to me in upholstery sample books a couple of years ago. For the back of this one, I used this squirrel fabric...

...which was originally meant for landscape quilts. But there were a few squirrels left over, so we're good.

2. (Speaking of landscape quilts) Began a project and then scrapped it altogether. It only got as far as enlarging the photo and tracing it before it hit the waste can.

Just too many logistics issues. It was actually a relief to throw it away.

3. Began a landscape quilt with that funky sky fabric I had pieced with all my leftover sky scraps from previous landscapes. (Not sure I'll do that again--all those seams to iron open, and later such bumpy quilting!)

The ocean is made from a Timeless Treasures fabric (I think), purchased years ago in Paducah. I'd always imagined using it horizontally, as sand, sea and sky. Instead it wound up vertical, for a nice sunrise or sunset glow. The pale area will be covered entirely (except above the trees--color pencils should take care of that).

The tower ruins started out like this...

Stonehenge fabric from Northcott Mills
...and an hour or so later, looked like this:

Oops, forgot to quilt inside the windows.
The hardest part was to STOP tweaking it. I tend to go crazy with Sharpies and fabric markers.

Have a wonderful weekend--a holiday weekend if you're in the U.S!

Happy July!



  1. I'm gonna keep checking your blog....Awesome work!

    Cherita Perkins Davis

    1. Thanks, Cherita! There are several blog entries about past projects, if you get a few minutes and are interested. Haven't blogged lately as much as I'd like, but am hoping to pick up the pace this summer.

  2. Wonderful charity quilts. I kinda like the one you scrapped. Would you point out the problems? Dense I am. Landscape quilt looking good. Happy 4th!

    1. Hi Angie!
      Well, the girl's gown, which I didn't care for much to begin with, was going to be a project in itself, and I had cut and pasted her into the photo at a bit of an odd angle for the bench she was sitting on, so that was going to have to be fixed. Also her face--I've never put a face in a quilt before, and had read that it could make or break a quilt. Yikes. Not that I never will, mind you. Just not yet. The gauntlet and sword (far left) were going to be challenging at best, and there was way too much blank space (grassy area) between the GIANT tree and the girl. The more I looked at the whole thing, the less enamored I became. It wasn't a total waste, since it was entertaining for at least a little while. :)


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